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Head On: ​Confronting 3 Levels of Ever Evolving Manhood

Whatever level you’re at. Welcome. We all feel lost at times. We all have answers, wisdom, experience, courage, virtues, or even ideals. All of these need to be shared. All of these need to be rejuvenated from time to time.  We all yearn to lead and we yearn to follow, we struggle to admit this. Regardless of age, we wish to learn, to grow, to explore and discover and show the world that we yet have things to master, and offer, and prove, and connect with, to admit, to cling to, to release, to feel and to find.

That’s what we’re here to do.

Here are a few messages for you men – where ever on the scale you may find yourself.

Manhood level 1.0

Congrats.  You found your grit. You tapped into your values, and stood up for them, in the face of adversity. This doesn’t mean winning. Being a man isn’t about always winning. It can’t be about that. The real world will get its licks in. But you’re beginning to understand that you have a say, an influence, a power, a degree of control in your life, through your choices, attitudes, beliefs, and actions.

You may tell others you feel like you can do it all alone. And indeed, you may feel that way most of the time, but there are times, when you wish for guidance. These times are critical, and as you’ve no doubt discovered, guidance and wisdom doesn’t always come, and you must choose and act in the dark, as best you can. Welcome to manhood. If you found this place early, you’re in luck and will find friends and build a squad you can rely on.

Manhood level 2.0

Congrats you made it. You stayed in shape long enough level up your life. You somehow convinced that beautiful woman to marry you. And then together you bought a house, maybe popped out some kids, all while keeping a job long enough to really love it (or hate it as the case maybe). And now you need to work on the next level. The stress, excitement and experience probably shook up many of your healthy habits and motivations – and now you ponder your existence post achievement.

There were casualties.

Your body might have been wrecked. You held out and worked out but noticed yourself slipping on your workouts and diets. Dad bod might have set in – even if you’re not a dad and wish you had a better excuse. Maybe you feel like a bit of a fat bag of snacks and find yourself in a panic, cornered and surrounded by responsibilities in a world that despite all the talk of equality, still looks largely to men to lead the way – at least it feels that way to you.

You want to make changes, but which ones, and what first? What to do?

You hoped you’d have a wealthy mentor like Bruce Wayne or something to tap you on the soldier and teach you how to be Batman. But, it hasn’t happened yet.

Your Eagle Scout badge and camping gear may be a bit neglected, dusty photographs of outdoor adventures of a body and life of long ago. You’re in a different dimension- and you want to reconnect to the last one.

All those precious gaming skills you honed are now under utilized compared to previous levels…at least until the kids are old enough.

Manhood 3.0

On another end of the spectrum there are older men, the proven and battle worn, the weathered and rugged, they too are entering a new phase. I speak to them too.

Congratulations . You made it. You survived recessions, bubbles and a few corporate BS badges I’m sure. And if you’re lucky have a little free time on your hands. And if you’re still hustling, you feel anxious to redefine yourself in this latest iteration and new dimension of life. Life isn’t all jetpacks and flying cars and robot servants like you thought it’d be. It’s true. The Jetsons were a lie or are at least in a distant future. You’re concerned with the here and now.

You own a house, maybe a few. You’ve got years left yet and maybe worried if the work world is going to put you out to pasture or find some use for all that hard earned experience.

I don’t know where you’re all going but we have many questions. And maybe if we put our heads together we can come up with better answers than we would on our own.

What’s next?

You wonder.

What am I aiming for?

What’s my mission?

What’s my purpose?

Your mind races to a safe and succinct answer – to build live and enjoy a great life, but what does that look like when all these variables have changed?

What do I need to rebuild?

What do I need to let go of?
As a guy, you’ve been mission oriented and life up until now has done the hard work of making your mission clear and known.

Welcome to the party pal. We’ll figure it out together.

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