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Do Be Love Amazing

If you have too narrow a focus on your goals, your efforts may often be reckless and you’re likely to miss the wonders and blessings that life brings. So in the grand scheme of things, I pursue a few humble goals- I may be aiming low here but bear with me. My Goals:

Do amazing things.

Be an amazing man.

Love an amazing woman.

Enjoy all of it; every stare, every fight, every kiss, every failure and victory: every moment.

I’d be happy to achieve and sustain these four. Life is too short to live it down. I’ll cultivate all the positive lesser goals and steps I need. I’ll continue to have plenty of  hurdles, bumps, crashes, mistakes, losses, and embarrassing episodes but they’ll highlight the quixotic adventures, romantic episodes (and attempts), and the humorous shenanigans; each and every one full and rich with the compassion and tenacity with which I live. I’m sure I’ll continue to side step and swirl around in mischief and mayhem. I’ll still move forward, cultivating knowledge and wisdom while seeking out  the positive things that truly serve me and empower me to be of service to others. I’ll settle to live nothing short of an epic. And if I have anything to do with it, as I believe I do, I’ll have many happy moments throughout, important characters at every twist and turn, and won’t save it all for the end.

If we’re all holding the pen to our pages, why not drain the well, and pour the ink heavy, telling of a full and savored life? Why not follow through every word, with every microscopic  behavior, habit and action towards such life? What stops you?

I hold the pen to but my own pages. I do in fact scribble every episode and make it so. Even my worst moments bring me closer to friends,  the great pain gives way to strength, and all turns to laughter in the long run. The lonely nights are but the gaps between stars- and with them, in them, and through them, do I appreciate the way the light of those better moments and dreams glistens and reach to me.


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