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Welcome to Discerning Man

TL:DR Version – What is it? It’s like burning man but with more whiskey, critical thought, and drunken musings. This is a place for thoughtful man stuff. 

I started this as a creative outlet for myself as an individual, a place to write where I wasn’t self censoring about important issues about my values, beliefs and observations and big parts of my identity, like my masculinity/manliness or whatever you want to call it. I’m a guy!

I also want to share these thoughts, good, bad, ugly and real with you, to spark discussion and hopefully learn from it.

The current prescription for the modern, mindful man is an identity that fails to address his needs and interests. It seems to work pretty well for others, media, haters, and self loathing types. It doesn’t work for the growth minded, good willed men.

Good Guys can be compassionate, deviant, perverted, loyal, romantic, rebellious outspoken and sensitive. I don’t think these ideas are mutually exclusive. These are just the many dimensions and depths of men that go under reported. And just because some aspects of man-culture bother people, does not inherently mean they are bad or wrong.

If I had a cause it would be this: Cultivate a tribe of Authenticity, Integrity and Discernment.

Authenticity – Championing your faults and virtues in equal measure. Celebrating your humanity. Most people try to hide their flaws, as well as any behavior that doesn’t blend in with social norms.

Integrity – Consistency in word and deed. It’s hard to spot when role models for it. Those who display it are either leaders or lone-wolves and outcasts. Operating with integrity is a guaranteed way to make waves and get noticed – hence why most don’t do it.

Discernment – The ability to choose the great from the good, and the good from the crap. There’s a lot of crap out there. Finding what truly serves you is a tough job. Choosing the stuff that will give you a true performance/enjoyment edge in life is even tougher, but a worthy endeavor.

I’m Exploring the world and sharing my take on what serves, what’s real and what’s full of big brown diaper pudding. There’s plenty of brown to go around.

I am focused on progressive, mindful man culture that defies the villainized stereotypes. I’m not talking about the the defeated, jegging wearing, emasculated man-plague roaming the landscape these days. Nor am I talking about the over-compensating meat-head, beast-mode types. I’m focused on the good willed, growth minded, advancing variety. I speak as one man among them. I don’t speak for the entire tribe, but I’d love to speak with more of the tribe.

There are many men’s issues that can be addressed by growth minded men that would provide a greater benefit to society. We can be better people, friends, brothers, husbands and fathers. Unfortunately, the liberated masses seem more interested in revenge, emasculation and keeping men divided, repressed, and grumbling behind close doors. So this is merely one man’s attempt at building a new flag for man culture that reflects modern society and our place in it – in a healthier way than what’s prescribed.

Mine is but one story. And what this site turns into from there is a mystery to me, and I guess is a little up to you the reader.

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